Ruskin Today is an informal network devoted to promoting wider knowledge and understanding of the ideas of the great Victorian writer, reformer and artist, John Ruskin (1819-1900).

It brings together organisations and individuals from around the world with a shared interest in Ruskin’s life and work.  (The name is inspired by Ruskin’s personal motto: ‘To-Day’.)

Originally set up in 1995 to plan the programme of events in 2000 that marked the centenary of John Ruskin’s death, Ruskin Today is now preparing to mark the bicentenary of his birth (in 2019).  Members meet in London at roughly six-monthly intervals.

The founder and original chair of Ruskin Today was David Barrie.  He was succeeded as chair by John Iles in February 2016.

If you are interested in hearing more about Ruskin Today, or wish to help in any way, please contact John Iles by posting a comment on this site.



9 thoughts on “About

    1. First, thank you, David, for managing this community. My wife and had thorough and exciting instruction on Ruskin as undergraduate English majors, and he’s been part of our lives these past 50 years. Also, having now retired as a university faculty in technical communication, I have chosen QuikScan as my retirement project, and so I returned to Ruskin to create this edition of Unto This Last. My goal is to make UTL easier for the general reader.


  1. I would like to be added to the Ruskin Today mailing list. I and colleagues are also initiating a project on the generation born in 1819 (including Queen Victoria and of course Ruskin), and their experiences of a “Victorian” generation. We’d be grateful to email John Iles or another colleague at Ruskin Today, to propose potential collaborations. Could you provide an email address to contact? You can email me through h.kingstone [with an at here] leedstrinity.ac.uk .
    Many thanks, Helen


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