Keir Hardie on Ruskin

On the 100th anniversary of Keir Hardie’s death, here’s what he said when Ruskin died:

‘Thus disappeared from earthly view the last of the giants who make the modern British socialist movement possible’


43: Water

Thank you, Jim, for this and all your other blog posts

Why Ruskin

Ruskin gives gifts, if you are willing to accept them. One of the most precious is the gift of helping you to a much truer appreciation of nature than you have ever had. (I know whereof I speak.)

As you’ve heard me say before, I had plans for a different post than this. But, once again, I chanced to read something in the last couple of days which so astonished me that I had to share it. I had read it before, perhaps three times. But this time I really let it work its magic. Maybe this is because I live beside a lake and, for that reason, could see some of the images he uses right in front of me. But finally I don’t think so, because the images he uses can  easily be generated by our memories and embellished by our imagination. And when memory and embellishment work…

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